The death of a flower

I have no new crushes or obsessions today.

It has been one of these busy and confusing days. I feel like I just lived an entire week in one day. I took a nap in the middle of it and it was a BIG mistake. I woke up with the urgent realization that I’m going to die (eventually). Really die. Not just die as in a far away concept, but ACTUALLY physically die. That was a scary thought.

I hate naps.

ANYWAY. I thought that since I don’t have anything new to share, I’d tell you the story of my most recent loss.

It all started one weekend when I was biking home with a friend after studying at a cafe. It was a Sunday afternoon and time was passing by slowly.

As we arrived, I wanted to enter my house through the back door (as I usually do) to put my bike (Charlotte) in the porch. However, I realized the back door was locked. I took out my keys and went to the front of my townhouse.

That’s when I saw it for the first time.  The prettiest flower had grown seemingly out of nowhere in a pot I had purchased a year ago to grow herbs and onions.

Strangely, I tend to be very fascinated with things that grow. Not that I am anything even remotely close to a gardener. I know nothing about plants. But every time I see one grow, I freak out.  So that day, seeing a HUGE, beautiful yellow flower growing in MY pot got me really hyper. That’s not to mention when I noticed that there were at least 4 buds on the plant: a clear promise of future miracles in my pot.

I took out my new camera (yay!) and spent about 20 minutes trying to get the perfect picture of this new-found beauty. Here are my best shots:


This is the flower itself. What a beautiful miracle of nature!


One of the buds-- my adored baby


My yellow sunshine, again.

To be honest, I have no idea how this flower even got in my pot. Maybe it was the wind, or maybe the flower belonged to my roommate (I’m having growing suspicion about this).

All I know is that my joy following this discovery was boundless, and that my sadness following my loss was surprisingly great.

One day, I purposely came in my house from the front door again (a rare thing) to see my yellow flower. However, IT WAS GONE.

Everything had disappeared: the yellow flower, the buds, the plants, even the dirt in my pot. I looked around everywhere in my front yard, and there was no sign of my yellow baby. I felt cheated. I felt lost. I wrote on the erasable board I share with my roommates and inquired about what had happened to my plant outside. I even wrote that my heart cried.

One of my roommates answered that the plant was not absorbing water anymore.

I don’t really know what she meant by this, and I  don’t want to know. I didn’t want to ask her what she did with my flower’s cadaver. I wanted to forget the miracle that had grown in my pot. I was so sad.

About a week later, my other roommate gave me a baby plant as a gift.

It doesn’t replace the void in my heart left by the big, wild and strong yellow flower, but it’s cute enough. I called the baby plant “Gertrude” and I put it in my room. However, I noticed that it isn’t absorbing the water I give it either. I think it’s because the roots are growing too much. They might need more soil. I should plant it outside in the ground.

However, I am worried that if I do that, one day, as I arrive from school and come in by the front door, my new love will also have disappeared…


In loving memory of my wild beauty


~ by seaofcurls on November 13, 2009.

One Response to “The death of a flower”

  1. This was wonderful! Hahaha

    Aw my poor baby!

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