Back from Thanksgiving

Hi everyone! I’m back to civilization after about five days of no real internet access. I had a great time over Thanksgiving. I watched a bunch of movies with my brother, I ate things I shouldn’t eat (says who?) such as a bunch of BBQ chips and two slices of the key lime pie I made.

On Friday, I celebrated Eid-al-Adha with my father, brother and step-mother. We went to a remote farm with my dad’s friend, killed a sheep and then barbecued it (sorry animal lovers, I’m not cruel I promise!).

Then, later that day, I met up with my GIRLFRIENDS to celebrate one of my best friends’ birthday. We went to a really nice (and expensive…!) restaurant and I got my money’s worth of shrimp linguine or something of the sort. We had a great time. One of her guy friends drove us back to her place, but he drove like a madman on the highway (he almost crashed into two cars when he decided to race full speed some stupid teenagers) and we almost died. I bit my phone out of fear.

This was my view from the front seat; he was going 130 mph and the maximum on his car was 140 mph

I slept over the birthday girl’s house that night and I went at an awkward family Thanksgiving dinner the next day at my other best friend’s boyfriend’s father’s house, where the only people present were myself, my best friend, her boyfriend, his dad (who speaks very little English with a broken Russian accent) and the boyfriend’s sister (whom I met for the first time). She was outwardly hateful toward every single thing on the planet, including myself. I studied for most of the next two days (and ate lots of sheep).

Now that I’m back in college for the final two weeks, I must focus on the task at hand. My life in the near future seems to consist of exam after exam after paper after exam.

I had the most exhausting day today (it’s Monday, remember?) and I basically slept 5 hours in two days. I have fallen asleep twice on the bus today, and I spent my day daydreaming about painting eyes on my eyelids so that I could sleep in class without being noticed.

Yes, like this (courtesy of Google Images-- that's not me)

To top all of this, I have to confess that I feel guilty about skipping my last class to go get frozen yogurts with my boyfriend. Now that I look back on it, it was stupid. But I wasn’t thinking clearly because I was in a fatigued, altered state of mind.

In case you're wondering, I had half pomegrenate, half blueberry. It was much better looking than in this picture 🙂

I’m super sleepy now. I’m going to try to catch up on that lost sleep. I might not be able to blog every day this week (for obvious academic reasons), but I’ll do my best, I promise! Ciao et bonne nuit!

p-s: topics to come: Gerard Butler (hootttt) and smart, cute little French kid videos (sorry English speakers)

~ by seaofcurls on November 30, 2009.

One Response to “Back from Thanksgiving”

  1. I hadn’t seen this one but it’s awesome! except the one girl was freaking me out because i didn’t know what was supposed to be wrong with her face!

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