My future career

It’s now possible that I may not be accepted into the Peace Corps because there’s a medical test I can’t take.

Regardless, I’m glad because the more time goes by, the more I become sure of what I want to do as a career.

I was always torn between my love for languages and literature, and my strong desire to make a difference in the world by working with international aid relief organizations. Now, I realized that I could blend my two passions by teaching English (or French) in third-world countries. I’m not sure how to get to that (or what degrees to get). I need to see a counselor. Now that I’m about to get my Bachelor’s in print journalism (I graduate in 2 months, yay!), I need to know if I should go to grad school for International Development, for ESL teaching, or for French lit.

I feel like my calling is to help people, and language is the only skill I have. I still haven;t figured out how the future life I want would make it possible for me to get a husband and raise a family, but we’ll see when we get there I guess.

Until then, I’m just waiting for a phone call from the Peace Corps lady in Washington to tell me if I’m not going to be considered for service because I can’t take the physical test, or if she’s going to make an exception for me. Although I’m starting to look for plan B, teaching English with the Peace Corps is still my dream… 🙂 Wish me luck.


~ by seaofcurls on February 17, 2010.

6 Responses to “My future career”

  1. This is a wonderful idea and I am sure that you will do great 🙂 It’s not because you have a Journalism bachelor’s that it will keep you from anything, there’s always opportunities and there’s always space to make a name for yourself in what you want to do. Remember, Esposito was in a monastery for 10 years and look at him now.

    Good luck 🙂

  2. Je suis persuadée que tu vas réussir avec brio avec concilier tes rêves d’aider le monde avec ton rêve de fonder une famille! Je te prédis tellement un beau futur! 😀
    En passant, pourquoi tu ne peux pas prendre le test?

  3. Où aimerais-tu aller ? La Colombie, ça t’intéresse ?

    • Oui, vraiment, puisque ma meilleure amie vient de la et que je parle deja Espagnol. De plus, je pourrais faire une petite visite au pays voisin, le Venezuela, puisque Alfredo vient de la 🙂 Comptes-tu faire un voyage en Colombie bientot? Je sais que tu es en attente de deux enfants de la-bas? (je crois)

      J’aimerais aller soit en Amerique centrale (ou au nord de l’Amerique du Sud) ou en Afrique de l’Ouest

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