My marvelous weekend (:

Hello everybody!

I had a really nice weekend and I want to tell you about it (you are truly privileged :P)

On Friday night, I stayed in and cooked a delicious chicken tajine (a moroccan dish) for my boyfriend. We ate the meal straight out of the tajine while watching one of my favorites, “Misery”, a movie based on a Stephen King novel.

That's a tajine, by the way

My friend was in town for a math conference and wanted us to hang out, but she called me too late (at 10 p.m., which for a grandma like me, is pretty much bedtime) and it would have taken me about 3 buses to reach her to the club she was at, so I postponed our hanging out to the day after.

That next day, I hung out with my boyfriend in the morning but he had to go to work early. Then, I went on campus at the main library and tried to study. I basically ended up trying to beat this girl’s score on Bejeweled on Facebook. And guess what: I succeeded, too. My current score is something like 182,400 points.

An addiction

At about 3, my friend called me to tell me she was on campus (she was 5 minutes from the library) and that she wanted to see me before she left.  I hung out with her for a while outside of the math building. We got to catch up, and as the conference got out, I met some of her friends. Finally, I gave her her New Years gift (much belated!) and she left.

I realized I was starving, so I went to New York Pizza to get a slice (so much for eating healthy). Then, I went back to the library and waited for my boyfriend to get out of work at 6. While waiting, I started reading this book about the life of the prophet Muhammad. It was pretty interesting.

After my love came out of work, we went to the gym and he took me to play racquetball for the first time in my life. It was so much fun! I went a little crazy and got my fun out of making the ball bounce on any wall possible without caring much about playing by the rules 😛 I also pulled that little muscle in my right forearm (not sure how it’s called) and now I can barely lift a glass of water without that muscle hurting and my hand shaking.

After racquetball, we went upstairs to actually work out. I ran a lot and burned more calories than I initially intended. I was listening to Magic Systeme and picturing myself in Africa, partying with some Burkinabe friends. That made me run fast and want to get off the treadmill and dance the night away! 🙂

After the gym, we went to my boyfriend’s place and watched a very sad and touching movie starring Robert de Niro called “Everybody’s Fine.” My boyfriend was almost tearing up at some point, and I have to say that I wanted to cry too…

Today (Sunday) was quite spontaneous. I had a lazy morning after being woken up by my 17-year-old brother expressing his concerns about the fact that our 10-year-old brother might “turn gay” if he keeps growing up with our mom instead of our dad. I tried to explain to him that you don’t “become” gay because you hang out with your mom too much, and that our brother’s going to be just fine.

My boyfriend decided to cancel his work so at around 3, we took a long walk to Publix where he bought stuff to make us dinner (I bought some delicious mix to make cupcakes because it was on special). It was a nice walk and we had awesome conversations on dandelions (those yellow flowers that you can blow away when they become old and white), ant piles, and racism at school. After, as we were walking toward Wal-Mart to keep shopping, we decided to go eat at Chili’s for no reason. Well… not for no reason: we had a free dessert gift card that was going to expire this week. So we went in, ate one of those “pick 3 things” appetizers, and had a GIGANTIC brownie molten cake with hot fudge and vanilla ice cream on top (again, so much for eating healthy). Meanwhile, my brother (the 17-year-old) was texting me to tell me that he bought me the most awesome orange shoes. He sent me a picture, and they do look cool. I just don’t know what I’m going to wear those crazy shoes with 😛

We went to the Dollar Store to buy a few things, and then went to Wal-mart. Surprisingly, we ended up spending like 2 or 3 hours in Wal-mart, looking at clothes, trying on clothes (both for him and for myself), trying on hats, looking at jewlery, looking at scarves, etc. It felt so good to not really have anything pressing to do; no deadline or guilt about living life to its fullest. I bought my brother’s birthday present in advance (it’s a cool teenager-y green t-shirt with designs on it) and my boyfriend bought himself an awesome hat, among other things. I hope he’ll actually have the nerve to wear the hat to school. He’s been feeling shy about it and says that guys who wear hats are super pretentious and probably sip lattes while writing on their Macs at Starbucks. I definitely see the stereotype he’s refering to, but I still thinks he looks awesome with it.

After all this, we walked home. It was already night, and the air was soft and mild (for the first time in a while. my city wasn’t actually freezing). When we got home, Pruneau (that’s my boyfriend’s nickname. I don’t want to actually name him here, I don’t know why) decided to cook us a fourth meal today. He wants me to get fat! It was red bell peppers stuffed with ground beef and cheese and cooked in a delicious tomato sauce, which ended up being soup. I ate the soup with whole grain bakery bread and saved the actual bell pepper for lunch tomorrow. You should have seen it, it was beautiful! I might actually put up a picture later.

And now, here I am, talking about my relaxing (and virtually homework-free) weekend, and falling asleep in front of the computer. I’m ready to go to bed! The only reason that I allowed myself to be up this late is the fact that I know that my first class tomorrow isn’t until 12:50 p.m. 🙂 I’m excited because I plan on wearing a really nice outfit that I bought myself today.

Well, I know this rant may have been boring, and I am sorry. It just kept me busy while Pruneau was cooking. I hope you have a wonderful night!

-Sea of Curls

~ by seaofcurls on February 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “My marvelous weekend (:”

  1. That was wonderful. It was great to live it but it sounds so much more special when you read about it afterward 🙂

    I love you and your wonderful tales of everyday life

  2. I love the chicken tajine you made! Beautiful. Love you blog too.

  3. that tajine looks well delicious!

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