Today, I bought my ticket to go to Canada, and so did my boyfriend 🙂 We went to celebrate by eating lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant, and then I got the news that my best friend is also coming to Canada with me for 2 weeks! And later in the summer, by brother is going to come. So basically, many of my favorite people are going to all be in my hometown, and I will be free!

I’m a happy girl, especially since spring decided to show up and make my world sunny. I’ve got many nice things ahead of me, like my friend’s baby shower, my birthday (in the same weekend!) and my graduation. I just have to hold on and be productive in school work. I feel like dropping out of school, which would be stupid since I’m one week and one month shy from my Bachelor.

Oh, and let me post a picture of the day just for the heck of it. (My computer is broken–AGAIN, and for the last time. I’m not paying for it again to revive it, I’m just going to buy myself a new one). But while I have the internet, I might as well use it.

Fort San Felipe, Dominican Republic


~ by seaofcurls on March 20, 2010.

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