Today (my rant)

Aaaaah I’m freaking out a little because I have a huge essay due tomorrow and I’ve been trying to write it on an empty stomach, and it’s not working. Now I’m going to get out of the library, walk all the way to the Vietnamese restaurant to have some food (the only food I can afford) and then walk all the way back here and try again. Thing is, I teach English from 7 to 9 and I feel like I might have to pull an all-nighter. Why me! I’ve been studying for this and that lately, it’s annoying! I want it to be summer, I’m serious. I will feel so relieved tomorrow at 1:40 when my class is over and that essay on child soldiers in African literature is turned in…

Thing is, I could BS any paper and get any teacher to worship me, except THIS one, because surprise– he’s actually smart. He’s the teacher I had a tinsy crush on at the beginning of the semester. He speaks French too. Well I really have to impress him with this paper and write well, because I have to ask him soon for a letter of recommendation to go to grad school for French literature… so the stakes for this paper are higher than you would think…

And on top of that, I had a test this morning that I hadn’t studied for. I’m sure I did alright, but that’s yet another teacher I have to ask a letter of recommendation to. She’s an old American lady who speaks French with a heavy English-speaker accent. I think she likes me though just because of my background so I might get a letter from her.

Then this weekend I have many assignments to do and I have to finish my application for this organization. I want to volunteer with them in the Fall. We shall see. I also have to make a “SUBLEASE” ad for my apartment since I’m leaving to Canada before my lease ends. I also have to find out WHERE I can find out if I’m really all done with registering for graduation. Finally, I have to go do the eye vision thing for the peace corps and photocopy all my documents before I send them. Oh, and I have to send 2 books for bookmooch.

ARGH so much stress, so much to do, my heart wants to burst. This is why:

1- I wasn’t made to be a journalist (despite what my Bachelor’s degree says)

2- I should live on an island and be relaxed

3- America is not for me

I’ll try to go relax and eat my soup 🙂 You guys take care and sorry about the rant!

~ by seaofcurls on March 25, 2010.

One Response to “Today (my rant)”

  1. so that was a nice unexpected vietnamese date!
    I also cannot wait until quebec

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