My photo of the day

Marry me.

I took this picture last time I was in Quebec. I know it might sound stereotypical (because I’m French Canadian) but I freaking LOOOOVE cheese… I love love love it. So this picture makes me drool just looking at it 🙂

In other news, I’m almost done with my essay. I always panic before writing, and I always have that good feeling of satisfaction after I have written, when I look at my work and feel a mother-child connection with my text. Ah, it is good. If I’m going to grad school for French literature, this is far from being over!

Anyway, I’m READY for the weekend!!! I’m going to finish my paper, go print it, go to class, go to the gym after class, come back to the library to do some assignments, then go home, prepare myself to look pretty, and go to a party tonight. Yay!


~ by seaofcurls on March 26, 2010.

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