Sunny! (plus my Photo of the day)


Today was such a warm, sunny day!

My weird idea of the sun

I can’t help but being happy and cheerful in this kind of summer weather. I don’t even feel that I’m still in school; I feel like I already graduated and I’m just sticking around just for fun… lol

Today, I went home in the morning to put away my groceries (I bought so much good food that for once, I’m excited to eat home) and chatted with Ashley, my roommate. I have a new roommate since last night, but I don’t know her name. Hopefully things work out between us. Then, I took a shower and went to class wearing my short shorts 🙂

On campus, there was a Hare Krishna festival with music. It put me in a good mood to go to class. After class, I walked to the post office to mail a book for my account (which I recommend to all book lovers. I can explain what it is if you ask me in the comments section). Then, I decided to walk around to my cell phone provider to ask them why I haven’t received my mail-in-rebate yet.

After that, I went to McDonalds to get a chocolate sundae. I kind of felt a little guilty about it because I’m supposed to be on a “diet” (whatever that means) so I texted this to my boyfriend:

“I got myself a sundae at McDonald because it tastes good and I’m allowed.”

Haha 🙂 Then, I walked very far to his job and waited for him to come out. While I was waiting, I lied down, listened to Tomas Jensen in my iPod and let the sun warm my legs. I walked back with my boyfriend and Juan, a common friend, and then I ate my boyfriend’s lunch (what he didn’t want). Then, we chilled in the library until his Arabic class.

I walked him to Arabic, then lied down again in the warm sun for a long time and took a nap. There’s just no way I can be productive in this kind of weather! Right now, I am back in the library and have an hour to do homework before Pruneau gets out at 7 and we go to the gym to kill that sundae… then home.

A normal day in a normal life.

To go with the theme of hotness, I give you my picture of the day: HOT PEPPERS! I took it maybe 2 Spring Breaks ago at the market.

With a glass of Water

~ by seaofcurls on March 31, 2010.

One Response to “Sunny! (plus my Photo of the day)”

  1. Why is the sun green? haha. Also, more like the food your boyfriend very thoughtfully and lovingly went out of his way to save for you! 😉

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