What I’m grateful for today

– Meeting the Canadian head of UNHCR and knowing what path I need to take to have the career I want

– Eating a bunch of lollipops that “Edit Play” brought for the group

– Eating Chili con Pollo and an old mango for lunch

– Being with my friends all day long

– Being intellectually stimulated all day at school

– Getting my Halloween costume idea (it will be hotttt)

– Having dinner with my family

– Walking home with my friend/roomie, even if it was in the rain

– My good, steamy hot bubble bath that calmed me down after something bad happened.

– Having this girl tell me that I resemble Angelina Jolie (!!! she’s nuts)

– Getting 2 free and beautiful posters about UNHCR and refugees

Being alive. 🙂

~ by seaofcurls on September 28, 2010.

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