What I’m grateful for

1- My entire crazy weekend

2- My whole life!!!


Ok, ok, a real list… I won’t be lazy…

1- the parties I went to

2- The friendly atmosphere and my friends

3- The bonfire last night (with the cajon)

4- Anne-Julie’s hat!

5- Meeting my friend’s sister and her boyfriend (they were nice!)

6- New experiences… (I won’t extrapolate here)

7- My boyfriend still being in my life although we’re in different countries.

8- My timidity leaving me!

9- The bonjour project

10- Marie-Claude (she’s such a beautiful human being)

11- The delicious food I’ve been eating (I literally gained one pound since Friday) haha

12- Meeting new people every day and making new friends

13- Feeling loved

14- Living out my freedom for the first time in my life

15- My awesome roommates, Florent and Elise. I love them!

16- My mom. She really takes good care of me and she’s so nice

17- Feeling more alive (and confident) than ever.

18- Being surrounded by positive people and positive things!

~ by seaofcurls on October 3, 2010.

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