So, as a few of you might know, I’ll be leaving soon (in…. 7 days!) for my big adventure as an aid worker in Africa! I will be moving to Bamako, Mali, and will be a volunteer journalist with Amnesty International. I’m really excited, but also nervous. I spent 4 months preparing myself for this, doing the program (CFCI) and learning about international aid. But it was all in theory; the idea of me actually going to Africa was quite vague.

And it still is! How can it be possible? How can I imagine the fact that on Jan. 10, I will literally wake up in Montreal, Canada, spend my whole day walking around Casablanca, Morocco (my second home), and go to sleep that night in Bamako, Mali? And all this with about 12 of my classmates/friends? It just sounds too amazing to be true.

Anyway, a lot of people around me have requested that I keep a blog about my new life in West Africa. So I think I will use this blog (which I’ve kept up for over two years now) and transform it into a travel blog for a while. I hope you guys enjoy it. I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to have access to the internet, but I will do my very best to keep you updated about my little adventures.

Until then, happy 2011! I spent my New Years first with my boyfriend’s family in Weston, then with a few friends in a random stranger’s apartment in Miami (we just heard music from the hallway, knocked on the door, and partied the night away with our new friends). The place was on the 6th floor, and the view on Miami’s palm trees and little city lights at 5 in the morning was simply breathtaking. I was so excited that my year started on this adventurous note 🙂

I hope yours is as exciting, if not more! ❤


~ by seaofcurls on January 3, 2011.

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