So I’m a horrible, horrible procrastinator. Although I did work for some part of the day (and ran lots of errands in the stupid snow), I didn’t even finish packing. I’ll have to wake up extra early to do that.

I did, however,

1- Have a delicious meal of scallops in a white sauce with melted cheese on top, with honeyed carrots toppled with sesame seeds and a side of pasta (a mommy-made chocolate/peanut square for dessert)

2- Take a warm, relaxing bath (for fun and because it’s so freezing out)

3- Spend my evening in colorful tights (because I’m allowed and because they are comfy)

4- Chill with my grandparents

5- Take this awesome picture for no reason:

Tomorrow is a big day, because I have to finish packing before 11 a.m. I will leave with my family to St-Gervais to give away our stupid/hyper dog to our cousins from the countryside and see them before I leave, then we will go to Quebec city to have a shrimp dinner. The day after that, we’ll drive to Montreal and I’ll be dropped off at the airport for a night flight.

Then, Casablanca a whole day, and I should arrive at Bamako, Mali around midnight.



~ by seaofcurls on January 8, 2011.

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