1- I have an excrutiaing migraine today


2- I am at my new job at Amnesty International, I even have my own desk and internet acces, which is a luxury


3- I still wake up every morning thinking that I’m home, then as I step out of my bedroom, I realize I’m in Africa, and I get super confused and don’t understand why the hell I’m there, all alone, far from those I love. Then, my brain wakes up and remembers. It happens every morning.


4- I had planned on complaining a lot about cold showers here (my only option) but I’m actually becoming a pro at them. I go my own techniques, you see! But more on that later when my head doesn’t hurt this much.


5- I actually slept almost an entire night 2 nights ago, which was an improvement from my constant insomnia caused by 24/7 traffic right outside my window.


6- I have been eating one mango a day, at least.


7- I don’t want to get fat in Africa the way some predicted we all would, so I started doing jump rope.


8- I find it hard to keep a blog about my experience in Africa, because I feel so overwhelmed. I am living too much, too fast, and I lack the energy to repeat it all on the internet; especially since getting the internet is so tedious in the first place. Plus the people I would make an effort to do it for (i.e. the person) doesn’t actually seem to care about my life and never asks questions, so as far as I am concerned, I am free from blog duties. I shall write whenever I feel like it and just tell the people who matter to me of my adventures upon my return, if they care to hear about them.


9- I got this stuck in my (suffering) head:


EL DESIERTO– Lhasa de Sela

He venido al desierto pa’reirme de tu amor
Que el desierto es mas tierno y la espina besa mejor

He venido a este centro de la nada pa’gritar
Que tu nunca mereciste lo que tanto quise dar

He venido yo corriendo, olvidandome de ti
Dame un beso pajarillo, no te asustes colibri

He venido encendida al desierto pa’ quemar
porque el alma prende fuego cuando deja de amar

10- My Malian friends don’t seem to have that notion of ”it’s too late to call”. I got woken up twice last night by 2 different people (over the phone) and both wanted to come visit me although it was 10 p.m. When I told them they had woken me up, or that I had to get up the next day at 6 a.m. for work, they both said ”yes…?” , as if they were waiting to see why or how both pieces of information were important or even relevant. I was quite amused but told them we could maybe hang out this weekend. Considering the fact that the number of my Malian friends seems to multiply every day and out of nowhere, and that I’ll be working overtime here, I basically don’t forsee having any time to myself in the next 3 months.


11- Where did the month of January go? Do I really only have 3 months left here??


12- I keep dreaming that I am pregnant. Every night. For someone who never even really wanted to have kids, this is somewhat alarming.


13- I gave improvized English lessons last night to 4 teenage girls who live below me. I had told them to come upstairs and get me anytime if they ever had trouble with their French or English homework, and yesterday, they did. It was so sweet, I seriously loved life and loved being in Africa for that hour of teaching and giggling and translating.


14- I LOVE CROSSING THE NIGER RIVER EVERY MORNING TO GO TO MY JOB (or well, precedently to the hospital). It is so beautifuuuuul and it feels so right…


15- Gotta take care of business right now, so bye bye!

~ by seaofcurls on January 28, 2011.

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