Malian Anecdote #1

Litte freedoms

They are things I would’t normally do in the West, but allow myself to do here to brighten my day somehow.

My first one was to free myself from the power of makeup and re-discover my natural beauty. That one was tough. In the West (When I say this I mean Canada and the US, my 2 homes), I never used to step out of the house without make-up. Well, it worked well (I’m at work now, not wearing any). Freedom acquired.

Another was yesterday: no panties. Skirts here are so long anyway (they touch the ground) that it’s not like you can tell. Another great success story of freedom.

But TODAY’s little freedom story? Not such a success. To follow in the vein of yesterday’s experiment, I decided to copy Malian women and to not wear a bra (I am wearing 2 shirts so you can’t tell). WELL, EPIC FAIL.

To get to work in the morning, I have to take the Sotrama. That’s basically a ghetto-ass van that they dare call public transportation.

It can fit 10 people squeezed all together, so obviously the Sotrama men pack 30 of us in that little thing to make more money. (It only costs like… 10 cents or something which is why I take it instead of taxis).

Inside a Sotrama

Those green little vans take me to work in the morning by taking Bamako’s BOUNCIEST, shittiest dirt roads.


The back of an empty Sotrama (a rare thing)

Needless to say, I had to find slick ways of holding myself because it was painful. Stupid idea. I’ll stick to bras for the rest of my West African stay.

More tales to come tomorrow (or later today if anything funny happens).


~ by seaofcurls on February 8, 2011.

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