Who, what??

Last post I wrote was on Feb. 14?? No wonder… That date is special to me for reasons I can’t bring up here.

Essentially, I stopped writing because of two things. First, my boyfriend didn’t care about my blog, and back then, the only utiliy I saw for a blog was to keep him updated with little funny stories. My new philosophy: who cares? I’ll do it for myself 🙂

Second reason: as my life got awesomer and awesomer, I got overwhelmed. I started thinking ”holy crap, how am I supposed to write all this in my blog??”

I still don’t know how I’m supposed to summarize the past month and a half here. I feel like I’ve lived enough for it to be a year. But I’ll try. Since I last wrote, I:

Became friends with a group of amazing Italian musicians who specialize in African music and dancing (they’re total hippies, to me), went to a Tiken Jah Fakoly concert and met him in person, made a really close friend among the Italians (Sidiki), tanned by various luxurious pools, hand-fed some mango peels to a huge turtle, cooked SPICY tajine for 10 people and made my guests cry, was hit on by a reggae celebrity, danced my heart out various times, got acquainted with a sorcerer who told me about my future, attended a weird, all-night traditional ceremony with masks and huge live puppets and dancing and devil calling, ate delicious pistachio ice cream (although Sidiki says I haven’t TASTED ice cream until I come to Italy), ate fish and rice with my hands, got really really sick for a whole weekend, went a week and a half without running water in my house (no showers, no cooking, no flushing our toilet), bought pure, homemade shea butter, started wearing bayas, went to a wedding, was stopped in the streets by Arabs wanting to speak Arabic, saw a pro-Ghaddafi manifestation and was mistaken as a French woman (and duly insulted), spent an evening in a 5-star, marble hotel with a bunch of millionaire Algerian men (!), had to say goodbye to my friend and felt heartbroken, fought with my boyfriend only to miraculously make up with him every time, held meetings with the team of journalists I’m directing, celebrated my big brother’s birthday by eating a huge chocolate cake (a rare thing here in Mali), thought I was getting malaria because of 111 bites on my body, only to realize it was bed bugs, learned how to say NO to some people, got offered a gorgeous free Malian bracelet, made friends with a bunch of Malians (so much, in fact, that I can’t keep up and divide my time properly), took up jembe lessons, went on a pirogue trip on the Niger river, fell in love with a little kid (Cheick), read funny books that made me laugh out loud, spent a slightly tipsy friday night with my roomate, on our balcony, in our bikinis, sitting in our ”pools” (our buckets to wash laundry, filled with water) and planning to tell everyone we had an awesomz pool party with a dj (me) and drinks, witnessed heart-breaking kitty murders, vowed to become vegetarian (one day…mayhaps) and spent many nights talking to my boyfriend and wishing he was HERE.

I think that’s pretty much it! Now that you guys are up-to-date somehow, I’ll start writing here every time I have something interesting to say! 🙂 Bye bye


~ by seaofcurls on March 30, 2011.

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